• What data is being collected?  We only collect the data that you submit.
  • Who is collecting it?  Krystal is collecting it to provide the service requested by the customer.
  • How are you collecting it?  Through email forms and Search Engines where forms have been filled out and submitted to the site owner.
  • Why are you collecting it?  This helps me to properly service you, the customer.
  • How are you using it?  I am using it to contact customers at their request and to get to know the type of personal assistance needed most.
  • Do you plan to share it?   NO.
  • How long will you store it?  I will store it as long as the customer stays a potential customer or the customer opts out of contact.
  • What control do I have over it?  Opt Out if you no longer want to be contacted.
  • Is this likely to affect me negatively?  Not that I would be aware of.  I would be the only one with access to the information.
  • Will this cause objections or complaints?  Again, not that I am aware of.

This privacy policy encompasses all inbound email sign-ups, contact form submissions and phone inquiries where contact information and / or personal information is provided to this business.  I never share any information with 3rd parties nor do I ever plan to.

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