Marco Island FL Real Estate

Marco Island FL has been a destination for beach lovers since the mid 60’s and more travelers are calling it a Winter Haven every year. When I moved to Marco in 2013 it was coming back from the Real Estate drop following the 2008 market fall and prices were steadily rising. Soon after in the 2014 to 2015 season, Marco felt a push and the prices jumped tremendously. Real Estate was on fire as they say. The demand was high and the inventory fell low in that Summer to fall time.

Once the shock settled we saw a lot of homes come to the market and it seemed that the island was turning over. Owners were selling, inherited homes that no one could use were up for grabs and a new river of buyers were beginning to call Marco home. Our rental homes were booked to the hilt. Renters were lining up to try to secure something for the Winter and then again for the next. Condominiums on the sandy beach had become a popular remodeling adventure!

Since then, a lot of new construction has started all over the island. Some are what we call spec homes and others already have buyers who are waiting patiently to move into their new residence. With the inventory of resale property on hand pricing on these homes will need to be competitive to entertain a buyer versus the shine of a brand new home but all in all the market is holding tight.

I foresee a good amount of the inventory on our local MLS now moving before the 2017 to 2018 season arrives. It is a great time to find a property here in Marco Island, Florida. To Search For Property Now just click the link. Marco Island Real Estate is available!