Unless it is absolutely necessary I would NOT stay in the home.  It is distracting to the buyers looking, and can be uncomfortable when they want to open a door or closet to look inside.  Take a walk or go to lunch.  Whatever is appropriate.
Not really.  Those types of websites cannot meet you, find out your specific goals when selling your South Florida home and personally look at your property to determine its strengths and weaknesses compared to the closed sales in your area.  It would just be a ballpark estimate, at best.
It is best to make the showing of your home as easy as possible for agents and their clients, BUT as the seller, you have the option of requiring appointments to be made and can specify when and how those showings will be done.  However, the easier the home can be shown, the better the chances it will sell quickly.  Agents who are in the area may bypass a home which is not readily available to show.
The Florida state law does NOT require you to provide a Seller’s Disclosure, however it is usually recommended by brokers just to disclose any things you think the buyer would want to know.
Absolutely.  I have a vendor list with many professions on it.
Assessed value has nothing to do with market value. The assessed value is nothing more than a figure the local municipality uses to collect the appropriate amount of taxes.
I use a few methods when arriving at the price.  One being the comps in the area that apply to your type of property.  Also, when the market is moving in special directions as it was in late 2021-2022, considering the pending properties versus days on the market was an important strategy.  It depends on the demand as well as other market information.
I estimate the fair market value of a property by doing a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). With this method, I can use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to locate the three (or more) homes that have sold in the last 2-3 months that are the most comparable to your home. Then they make adjustments for the ways in which your home is different from each of the others, and then average the adjusted values. The CMA adjustments are very subjective, and there is great variation between REALTORS® as to how much detail they include and the number and amount of the adjustments they make, so be sure to ask any prospective REALTOR® to explain their CMA in detail.
As of September 2022 the market is not as ridiculously ‘hot’ as it has been in the late quarter of 2021 and the early part of 2022.  Prices are steady but interest rates are rising.  This always hurts the financing buyer a little bit bringing their purchase power down a little bit.  Showings in Marco Island are picking back up though so we will see what the Fall brings.
I am full-time Realtor that is focused on both the local real estate market and the negotiation and selling of your house.  I work with both buyers and sellers in all price points.
No one can tell you with certainty how long your home will take to sell.  Many factors affect this such as the current supply of homes, the desirability of your house compared to others available and of course the price!  If the price is congruent with the market activity on similar homes, it will help the property sell relatively quickly.
Everything you know to cover yourself.  If it is not visible and you know about it, it could come back to haunt you if you do not disclose.  We always say in Real Estate Disclose…Disclose…DISCLOSE.
If it is allowed, I highly recommend it.  Firstly, the signage lets passerbys know that the home is for sale and they get a first feel for the curb appeal right then.  The lock box makes it wasier to show and with shorter notice.  I ALWAYS install a Supra IBox to track anyone and everyone who enters the property.  A licensed Real Estate Agent MUST open it with special software.
Luckily, both Marco Island and Naples Properties sell all year long.  The ‘season’ is considered the best time to list, however, I have experienced better times even during that period to list.  We can discuss it at a listing consultation.
Consulting an attorney is always a good idea.  I always recommend using a title company that is attached to an attorney’s office.  This way you can have access to them if you need an attorney’s advice and peace of mind knowing a professional is involved in your real estate sale.
It depends.  If the contingencies are all covered and it is truly Pending Sale and not Pending with Contingencies, you could then stop showing it.  If it happens that it is Vacant anyway and you are not absolutely positive that it will end successfully, you could keep showing it until you reach that point.
There have been more times than I can count that I have been in a transaction that is heading in the wrong direction.  One of my strong points is keeping the peace between buyers and sellers.  After all, it is a common goal to get the property in the hands of the new owner.  I am also a good price negotiator and can give examples in person.
Title search charges and seller’s attorneys’ fees, documentary stamps and surtax on deed, if any, HOA/Condo estoppel fees, attorney fees fr the seller, Realtor commissions and Recording fees to name a few.  I have a detailed list I always provide to every seller.
When you list your Naples or Marco Island Real Estate with me, I have a list of things you can do to make the home the most appealing it can be.  Once a listing agreement is signed I will share a package with you containing some suggestions.

The CLHMS stands for Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist.  I have also qualified for the Million Dollar Guild which means that I have multiple transactions above the million-dollar price point in my market.

If it does not appraise, the buyer would not be able to obtain their loan unless they came out of pocket with monies to do so.  It depends on how badly they want to purchase it and if they have the funds to cover it.  Otherwise, it could be split or the price could be reduced to match the appraisers number.  The appraisal can always be challenged, but I have not seen many appraisers turn over their values.
To be honest, there are a lot of great real estate agents in Marco Island and Naples. Usually, the top percentages do most of the business. I consider myself to be in that group as I do practice real estate full-time and have helped hundreds of clients over the past 15+ years. If you choose to meet with me, we can decide if we are a good fit to work together to purchase your next dream property or sell your current one and move you to your next stage.
That’s a strategy that sounds good, but, in fact could result in a lower price.  It really depends on how the market is moving and how quickly homes are going under contract.  If they hit the market and are immediately gone, it could work, but if it sits on the market for a while, it could potentially drive the price down.
I absolutely try to go to every home inspection that I can for both my buyers and my sellers.  I like to see whatever the deficiencies are, in person so that I can help the buyer or seller understand exactly what needs to be done.  They can also always call the inspector directly and should but it helps that I have spoken to him, as well.