Florida Property For Sale Has Remained Hot Since the 1970’s

Over 21,000,000 people call Florida home in 2017 and the growth rate is climbing according to World Population Review!  Florida property for sale has remained popular to those living in the Northern states, Canada and many regions of the world.  Back in the 90’s the roads didn’t seem so busy and the beaches were a little more baron but all in all I believe Florida is handling it’s growing population pretty well.  New highways and city planning boards are active at all times during the spurt of growth Florida is always encountering,

Many East Coast folks are move in to properties on the coastline of Florida to cities like Ft. Lauderdale, The Palm Beaches and Miami, making them a place they visit on a regular basis.  The East Coast of Florida is definitely a much faster paced way of life than the West.  This is coming from someone who spent 17+ years with the Ft. Lauderdale lifestyle and busy schedule.

The West Coast of Florida is mainly populated with snow birds from the Midwest who spend the Winters on the warm, sunset filled beaches.  Canadians, Europeans and some East Coast residents also call the West Coast home during the chilly months. In Florida there are also some cities that are predominantly full time residents like Orlando and Tampa  where businesses run on a daily basis and need to have employees who spend the entire year in the Sunshine State.

Florida Property

Florida Property

Choosing a location can be tough depending on what is most important to a potential buyer.  Consider employment, hobbies, weather and housing in the beginning to make the move easier once you are ready.  Take the time to find an experienced Realtor to help you with your planning and it will make your move much more relaxing.