Technology is becoming increasingly popular and available to the average homeowner. And it is not too uncommon to hear homeowners use terms like the “internet of things” when speaking of their latest home upgrade. Most people understand these tech upgrades improve the efficiency and convenience of a home but these upgrades can also increase your home’s attractiveness to potential buyers.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks assure you never need to rummage through a purse or pocket again to find your keys. These devices come enabled with either Wi-fi or Bluetooth capability and are able to detect when you arrive home. The door is opened when you make your approach. Keys can also be programmed to allow the guests you choose to gain access to the home.

Solar Panels

Image source: We Love Solar

Solar power offers a green and clean way to power the home and is completely renewable. The latest developments in solar energy technology even provide smart features that allow you to monitor panel usage and switch off panels from remote locations if needed.

Solar panels are made up of individual cells that collect energy from the sun. The energy from these panels is usually stored in rechargeable batteries that allow the energy to be used as needed.

The upfront costs to completely solarize an average sized house can be pricey at around $10,000. However, the increase in home value makes it well worth the price. In some places, 5 kW of solar energy capacity has resulted in the value of a home value increase of $20,000. This is on top of the reduced cost of power bills; sunny days provide the power you need to run the AC.

Sprinkler Systems

A smart sprinkler system can benefit homeowners that live in areas of the country where regular watering of their lawn is necessary by saving them money and time. These devices can be set with a smartphone app or computer to water your lawn in a manner that is appropriate for the season. This can help you to keep things green and stay within any watering hour restrictions you may have.


Image source: Cornerstone Home Lending

The cost to provide lighting inside your home is approximately 12 percent of the yearly cost to provide energy to the home. Lighting sensors and dimmers equipped with smart technology allow lights to be turned off and on with a smartphone. Lights can also be customized to perform more specialized functions like becoming brighter as you awaken in the morning or slowly dimming in the evening to help stimulate melatonin and provide better sleep.

Smart technology is becoming more and more available to the average homeowner as time moves forward. Upgrading your home with technology will improve the efficiency of the home while also increasing its value.

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