When your home is being shown to prospective buyers, it must be presented in the perfect light. Any one area in which your home makes a negative impression is enough to kill a possible sale. Here are some red flags that can serve to scare off a potential buyer.

Weak or Damaged Trees

When a buyer sees a weak tree, they fast forward to visions of that same tree crashing through the roof. At the very minimum, they will know that a substantial landscaping bill awaits them should they purchase the house. Weak or damaged trees can pose a hazard to the fence, the yard, the home, or surrounding houses, not to mention occupants or passersby. Take some time and invest in pruning and possibly cutting down any damaged trees so your buyers are not scared away.

Mystery Smells

Mystery smells are an indicator that something unseen may be wrong. The problem is that, in order to find where the smell is coming from, it may require significant diagnostic and repair work. First, you need to make sure that the mystery smell is not a gas leak or carbon monoxide. If not, you should find someone with a keen sense of smell to spot the source of the smell so you can fix it.

Drainage Issues

Water damage is one of the homeowners’ greatest fears, especially since many homeowners insurance policies do not cover flooding. It’s better to fix plumbing issues before the home is listed to ensure that potential buyers don’t spot the issue during the sales process. While you may be tempted to fix plumbing issues yourself, Action Plumbing advises against using chemical drain cleaners on your property since these can corrode pipes and damage your plumbing system. A professional can pinpoint the cause of the clog and prevent further damage. 

Unruly Neighbors

People who are looking at your house will be paying close attention to the neighbors because that is who they will have to live in close proximity to at all times. If the neighbors are loud or even messy, it can hurt the perceptions of your property. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, Problem Neighbours recommends talking to them before your home is listed.

You should know the problem points before you put your home on the market. To the extent that you should take steps to address them.

When selling your home, you need to know how much your home is worth. Make sure to check out our home valuation so you know you’re listing at the right price! Not only that, but working with a real estate agent can help prepare the home so it’s the most enticing it can be.