Marco Island Rental Properties

  Finding the right vacation rental in Marco Island, FL can be a difficult task if you wait until right before the season starts.  Sometimes the homes and condos will fill up the year prior once the rental season comes to a close.  Most owners, if they like the tenant will offer them the chance to renew their rental for the following year before they solicit new renters.

There are a few ways that a potential tenant can sort through the available homes but the easiest by far is to use a rental agent at a bigger firm that specializes in rental properties only.  Most brokerages that do a substantial amount of business will have a dedicated rental agent and that is who can give you the most bang for your buck.

Not only do they have a lot of listings that they can match to you but they also are intertwined with the other rental agents on Marco Island and have an inside scoop to properties that are coming to the market but perhaps haven’t closed to the new owner yet so they aren’t a public listing or they have a home that they already know will be listed at a certain time but don’t have the renters in place yet or the contract.  It is a good way to have someone who is local to Marco Island and is working for YOU.

If you are thinking of renting in Marco Island and would like a rental agent referral I am glad to provide that to you.  Just email me and ask!  As always, I am just an email or a phone call away.